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Island Blue 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain Whole Beans Coffee (2 pack) FREE 2-Day Shipping

Our Island Blue 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is certified by the Jamaican Coffee Industry Board(the highest regulatory authority in Jamaica) as being genuine and pure Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee. It is widely recognized by coffee connoisseurs for its smooth delicate taste, and unmistakable aroma. The coffee is roasted in Jamaica by Jamaica Standard Products Company Limited, one of the oldest coffee roasters in Jamaica, and the only roaster on the island, which is ISO 9001 certified. Unfortunately coffee labeled Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is sometimes blended with inferior grades of coffee and sold to unsuspecting customers. All coffee departing Jamaica legally MUST have a certificate of inspection from the Jamaican Coffee Industry Board. We encourage customers to ask sellers to supply a copy of their Certificate of Inspection, without which their is no assurance that the coffee they are purchasing is in fact genuine. Additionally coffee is sometimes purchased in Jamaica by "traders" and sold on-line without regulatory cup-testing or approval, but yet again such persons have no Certificate of Inspection. Our coffee is roasted and vacuum-packaged, and certified in Jamaica, air freighted to our Miami facility, and then shipped daily to our customers. We can therefore guarantee that there is ABSOLUTELY NO POSSIBILITY that our Blue Mountain Coffee is blended or tampered with in any way...just 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee.